Week of April 16, 2022

Everyday-us Latinus pt. 7


“Sub rosa” means “under the rose” and means in confidence or secret. It relates to a story in Greek mythology where Harpcrates, the god of silence, was given a rose by Cupid so that he would not reveal certain indiscretions committed by Venus.


“R.I.P.” is “Requiescat In Pace”, which roughly translates to “May he/she begin to rest in peace.” It is originally more of a request to a higher power for the care of the deceased’s soul than a declaration that the body is at rest.


“Sui generis” means “of its own class” and means something unique.


“Tabula rasa” means “scraped tablet” or “clean slate” and often describes the human mind before being shaped by experience, learning, and influence. It can also refer to a project which can go in any direction, being unfettered to preconceived notions.


“In loco parentis” means in “in place of the parents” and refers to someone assuming duties usually reserved for a parent, typically regarding supervision or care.


“In vitro” means “in glass” and refers to anything in laboratory conditions (such as in glass test tubes) rather than in a human, animal, or natural setting.


“Subpoena” means “under penalty” and refers to things you must produce in a legal matter with a penalty if you don’t. “Subpoena duces tecum” is typically for documents and tangible items, while “subpoena ad testificandium” is for your own testimony in a matter.